Word Wizard

Word Wizard


Word WizardWord Wizard is an easy to use word game manual for all different ages and abilities.  There are over a hundred different word games to use for mental aerobics programs, brain fitness activities, out trips and so much more.

Many of these games can be done without any materials and the book can travel with you anywhere you go.   It also comes with 25 pre-made programs so you don’t have to do any planning at all.

Seal-Mobile-Program-Ronnie-and-family This book also has fun creative writing resources, sketch program ideas, easy to use math worksheets and even tips to power up your brain on a daily basis.  For your convenience, you can either download this book straight from the website to your computer, or order a hard copy to be shipped to you.  This manual can provide a great way to stimulate the brain, improve memory, learn new things and have fun.

Hard Copy – $30.00
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Downloadable Copy $20.00