Benefits of the S.E.A.L. Program



What are the Benefits of S.E.A.L Mobile Balance & Mobility Program?

S.E.A.L’s goal is help members of the community maintain their independence, strengthen their body, mind and spirit and improve their quality of life.  S.E.A.L plans to do this through specific balance & mobility exercise programs, and specific cognitive activities.

Many studies from all over the world have proven that exercise for seniors of any ability can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve cholesterol levels, improve heart health, onset of dementia and improve flexibility seal-mobile-program

When you improve these areas of your life, the more independence you can have, decrease incidences of falls, and remain in your home longer.

Also, recent beliefs and several different studies regarding the benefits of stimulating mind and brain games has led to research that now indicates various types of dementia can be slowed by stimulating brain activities.  Games involving acuity, concentration and focus enhance the brain’s capability to utilize and stimulate brain cells, electrical connections and keep neural pathways open and functioning.

The key idea behind S.E.A.L’s mentally stimulating exercises, from Ronnie’s book Word Wizard, is to slow down the degeneration of neurotransmitters and to increase growth of new brain cells. Contrary to popular opinion, brain cells do develop and grow during every stage of development; from birth until death. Stimulating the brain to continually learn new skills and activities is one of the best ways to keep the mind active, healthy and strong, regardless of physical condition and capabilities.

Depending on the clients current mental functional state, attitudes, age, and medical condition, finding the appropriate physical and mental exercises will involve a detailed health questionnaire, a discussion with his or her health care provider, and an in-depth assessment session.