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                                                                                            About S.E.A.L. Creator:

Ronnie Birkland

Ronnie Birkland is a local boy born and raised in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.  Ronnie graduated from the University of Victoria in 2007 with a major in Recreation & Health Education.  He also completed a diploma in Recreation Leadership from Camosun College.   He has an extensive background in physical fitness and has been providing high quality recreational programs to the aging population for over 6 years.  He has had the privilege to work in 7 different seniors facilities all over the city.  Ronnie has experience in working with completely independent clients to individuals with dementia, extreme physical limitations, as well as clients with mental health and addictions.    Ronnie has a true passion for improving the quality of life of members of the aging  community and is dedicated to reaching as many people as possible who could benefit from his experience, skills and knowledge.

“I believe life is a journey from your first to your last breath.  Everybody deserves the resources to live a long, happy and healthy life.”   Ronnie Birkland



Approximately 5 months ago my daughter introduced Ronnie Birkland into my life. At the time I was at a very low point both mentally and physically.

I firmly declined but she managed to talk me into a two month trial program.

With a designed exercise program suited for my condition and a great deal of patience and motivation, Ronnie has completely turned my life around.

I can’t believe how well I feel and how great it is to be a part of this world again. I highly recommend Ronnie and the S.E.A.L. Mobile Balance & Mobility Home Program.”

Doris D.

 “I have been around Ronnie’s programs for four enjoyable months.  Ronnie’s fitness, cognitive and recreation programs were attracted to me.  Ronnie’s whole bearing exudes a man of athletic virility and fitness and his classes re-affirm this.  Non-stop fun and beneficial programming, I wouldn’t miss it.  Roller Ball is another fun hour of relaxation.   Although eighty myself, I love seeing my older peers enjoying themselves so much.  Ronnie is to be congratulated and thoroughly recommended as an instructor and innovator of social programming.”

Captain: Michael W. Scott


“I think Ronnie’s programs especially the brain games and fitness classes are absolutely wonderful.  It really stimulates my brain.  And it really shows how great the programs are when so many clients come down and enjoy themselves.  I find I use the new words and facts I learn on a regular basis in my daily life, things I wouldn’t have ever known if it weren’t for Ronnie’s word games.  It so much fun to tell other people what I’ve learned and it reinforces what I’ve learned.  I retain more information now since being involved in these progams.  It’s a pleasure to see the other clients retain, learn and share the new information they learn as well.

The fitness that Ronnie facilitates with us is on par with the exercises I did with physios in the hospital when I was recovering from losing my leg do to diabetes.  The fitness program was equal to what I was receiving in the hospitals.  Ronnie’s sets a high standard for himself which motivates us to work harder and keep up.

Ronnie is very aware of each individual’s abilities and specific needs and facilitates each program accordingly.  He makes everyone feel comfortable and safe.  Ronnie is very caring and courteous.”

Sue Dingle Age 64