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 The S.E.A.L Home and Community Balance and Mobility Program for Seniors

 Falls can take a staggering toll on everyone...... Most falls can be prevented

Are you afraid of falling?

Are you unsteady on your feet?

Have you experienced one or more falls in the past?

               S.E.A.L Balance and Mobility Home Program is for you!

               Ronnie works with all abilities from wheelchair bound to extremely mobile.

               Each session includes an individualized exercise routine and a fun cognitive






Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this program:

  •  Improve your seated and standing posture
  • Improve your walking ability and limits of stability
  • Learn strategies to improve your ability to recover from a loss of balance
  • Improve your overall strength
  • Increase your confidence in completing activities of daily living
  • Improve/maintain cognitive health


 Important Features of S.E.A.L Balance and Mobility Program

A structured and progressive exercise program, designed specifically for the individual to improve balance and mobility as well as strength and flexibility.

Pre-and post-balance assessments to identify individual needs and demonstrate progress.

Centre of Gravity Control Training/Multi-sensory Training/Postural Strategy Control Training/Gait Pattern Enhancement and Variation Training

Fallproof was recognized by the National Council on Aging in 2006 as a "Best Practice" program in health promotion.



 Ronnie also provides group programs in the community at different centres around Victoria.  The S.E.A.L Balance & Mobility group classes provide a structured and progressive program of activities specifically designed to address the multiple dimensions that contribute to balance and mobility, and to target the important intrinsic risk factors associated with increased fall risk. The program is structured to be taught as 60-minute classes and run once a week.  If your facility is interested in having a balance & mobility program added to your calendar or you would like to join a group program in the community please email Ronnie for further information.

Ronnie Birkland    

B.A. Recreation & Health Education: University of Victoria

Diploma: Recreation Leadership: Camosun College, Victoria, BC, Canada

Certified Fallproof Balance & Mobility Instructor

BCRPA Certified: Fitness Theory/Strength Training/3rd Age Fitness

CanFit Pro: Older Adult Fitness Specialist Instructor